'Alchemy' Live DVD


The DVD recorded in February 2013 at the Wyspianski Theatre (Katowice, Poland). DVD also includes interviews with Clive Nolan, Agnieszka Swita, David Clifford, Scott Higham, and Mark Westwood, as well as “The Making of Alchemy” documentary. Released in September 2013

Act I

  1. Prologue
  2. Deception
  3. One for the Noose
  4. The Warning
  5. Amelia
  6. King Explains
  7. Desperate Days
  8. Planning a Break In
  9. Quaternary Plan
  10. The Unwelcome Guest
  11. Waiting for News
  12. The Girl I Was
  13. Highgate

Act II

  1. The Labyrinth
  2. Ambush
  3. The Tide of Wealth
  4. Jagman Arrives
  5. The End Justifies the Means 
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Street Fight
  8. Amelia Dies
  9. Burial at Sea
  10. Share this Dream
  11. Treachery
  12. The Ritual
  13. Anzeray Speaks 
  14. Aftermath

Bonus features:

  • The Making of 'Alchemy'
  • Interview with Clive Nolan
  • Interviews with Agnieszka Swita, David Clifford, Mark Westwood & Scott Higham
  • Photo Gallery
  • Desktop Images

Price £15


Beyond the Veil (Official Bootleg DVD)

Beyond The Veil

Limited Edition Available NOW!

The acoustic 'Beyond the Veil' concert took place at the Cheltenham Playhouse on September 5th 2015 as part of the event celebrating 10 Years of Clive Nolan Musicals.

The concert features Clive and the cast members of his musicals 'She' and 'Alchemy', including Christina Booth, Alan Reed, Gemma Louise Edwards, Paul Manzi Verity Smith, Agnieszka Swita, Victoria Bolley, Mark Westwood, Scott Higham and Kylan Amos.

The DVD is the first official bootleg of the Caamora Theatre Company. Warning: due to technical limitations, the only sound available was from the cameras. Released July 2016.

Profits will go into the production of Clive's next musical, 'King's Ransom'.

Price £15